Measure artificial grass size before purchasing1

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garden fake lawnGrass lawns always require watering. To be a good homeowner, awareness of the needs is necessary. Nowadays, natural lawns need rather more water than we have estimated if keep a healthy condition and good appearance. On the contrary, artificial turf landscape just need a little water for occasional cleaning. Synthetic turf has a soft and natural looking, so applying it in home yard and indoor is a great choice. Before purchasing, you need to measure and then install it in correct ways.

Firstly, ensure you find all the corners and then hammer stakes into the ground at the corner edges, which is a primary job to customize your turf. Of course, this job should be done according to the real situation. Rounded corners may be there in your yard, so set your stakes at nearest square foot.

Secondly, prepare long enough twine and wrap around the stakes. This step requires a little skill. You need to strain it from one stake to the next at the same time string it at the same height level.

Thirdly, Measuring tape is a basic tool to help us know the specific width. Then an approximate size of your yard can be calculated. Irregular shape yard acreage can be examined with math thought.

Before you purchasing, know clearly the manufacturer and product features. If you have no idea which manufacturer to choose, try to contact CCGrass. Its artificial putting greens are manufactured during rigorous test. Quality and appearance are all excellent. Recent years, CCGrass products have been well sold both at home and abroad, so, it is reliable. As with product features and types, its server will elaborate to you.

Pay attention to installation process and disinfect to make synthetic natural like grass a landscaping turf.