Clean CCGrass Artificial Turf in Several Steps1

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landscaping artificial green turfCCGrass artificial putting greens are excellent, especially our putting greens are winning a favorable reception from most customers all the time. Now, if you are attempting to buy artificial grass, you are suggested to know a little elementary maintenance knowledge. Generally speaking, cleaning stuff debris, preventing mud and proper using are main points. However, one point should not be ignored, that is disinfect. Correct disinfecting methods will make a real different.

Here are the instructions:
Firstly, remove visible debris. If your turfs are applied as the front door carpet or bedroom, living room carpet, you can use brush. As with backyard and playground area turf, use a rake to help. The rake should be non-metal in case of damaging your lawn. When the debris removed, you can simply clean the obvious stains. The detailed instructions can refer to: Don’t Know How to Clean Artificial Turf Stain?

Secondly, antimicrobial turf cleaner should be applied. You can study the steps and items. If you have no such direction, you can choose bleach to kill mold and germs. It is an alternative solution. During the process, you are told to mix a solution of one cup of chlorine bleach together with a gallon of water.

Thirdly, use pressurized spray bottle with a hand wand attachment in order to make the cleaning process easier. Make sure the solutions are poured into the bottle. Then you need to spray it on the synthetic turf surface in a side-to-side sweeping motion. Pay attention not to touch the solution, for it can stimulate skin or your pets paws. After your sweeping, remember to rinse with clear water. When all the steps are done, your turf is successfully disinfected.