How to remove unpleasant odor on artificial grass?1

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artificial grass for landscapingIn ‘yelp’ platform, I found a focus question on art artificial turf landscape. That is how to remove bad odor on artificial grass. It is a practical topic for us all. If you have pets, you should pay more attention to this matter. Pets’ urine and faeces, though easily to clean, hard to remove the odor. Let us see the detailed information.

As a home owner, you are suggested to pick up debris with the help of a leaf blower. Let’s see the guide: Clean CCGrass Artificial Turf in Several Steps

If there is unpleasant odor left, you can try to use vinegar, cleaner or bleach. Generally, white vinegar works. You can pour it over the areas where your pets urinate. Make the vinegar there for a few minutes, and then rinse with water.

If the odor is serious, suggested to use cleaner. There is some kind of useful cleaner obtained from pet store. Brush the odor source, let cleaner stay for a few minutes and then rinse. Do this for two or three times, making sure the odor is removed. Bleach is also required, if the odor still exists. Bleach is also a useful method to eliminate mold under the turf.

Friends, to make a better living surrounding, indoor or outdoor artificial grass should be cleaned frequently. Cleaning, disinfecting will take only half an hour, but an effective way to keep the turf safe, soft, good appearance and freshness.