How to install artificial putting greens1

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Due to the lack of water resources, natural lawns and golf course daily management and maintenance costs are high, and the spraying of pesticides not only pollute the environment but also do harm to human health. In order to solve the increasingly serious problems, there is a need to develop the low cost, pollution-free, high simulation solution.
Artificial putting green brings benefits, and the first is the real green. Artificial grass is completely in accordance with the natural one no matter in appearance or in feel.
CCGrass offers artificial putting greens at wholesale prices. Here are some CCGrass artificial greens’ benefits: Convenient substitute to natural golf putting green turf; Comfortable golf experience close to a real one. It is applicable for both indoor &outdoor golf practice courts. CCGrass distribute home putting green turf to residential owners who need a private space to practice.
Artificial putting green advantages lie in its excellent texture, low cost, easy maintenance. The production process uses a number of modern means of science and technology, which has high tensile strength, strong wear resistance, strong flexibility, strong drainage and strong anti-fading.
Artificial green also has free environmental pollution characteristics. The material does not contain any harmful substances, do not need to sprinkle chemical, no irrigation. So it not only saves expensive maintenance costs, and avoids the long term application of pesticide environmental pollution. It has made the dream of turning the golf movement into the family garden enthusiasm become reality.
On the installation problems, at the beginning of all, we need some necessary tools, such as Utility knife; Shovel / rake; Stiff broom; Stamper; Sand infill; Seaming Tape. We must first floor corner smoothing, and then remove the ground, so that we can prepare for the base. At the same time we need to spread the base. Then we can put the artificial putting greens on the base and stretch the turf. When we do all of the preparations, we can cut perimeter, then we need to nail edges. After that, we can let the sand infill the turf, finally we should brush it. After all we can finish all the install artificial putting greens’ works.
Do it yourself now, and you will have a nice indoor putting green space.