Landscaping Turf FAQS1

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How is the turf installed?
First, remove any existing sod or materials. Next, prepare the sub-base for good drainage. Then, cut the turf into your artificial turf landscape size and nail down the edges. We then “infill” the turf with silica sand to make sure the turf fibers stand up.

What is the “infill”?
You can use either sand or rubber as our infill material, which is then swept into the fibers to make sure they stay up. This also serves to add ballast to the synthetic yard.

What is the maintenance required?
Very little required. Occasionally blow-off, rake, or pick-up leaves and other debris. You can also wash waste that lands on the turf. That’s all! No mowing, no watering, no fertilizing, no re-seeding.

Are pets OK on the turf?
Yes. In fact, we’ve created synthetic lawns specifically for pets. The turf is pet-friendly and will not stain. Occasionally washing is enough.

How long will it last?
With proper care artificial lawns should last 8 to 10 years or more depending on different product and different usage.