How to Make Good Use of Synthetic Turf Fields1

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More and more people like playing football in spare time. In order to get best experience, artificial grass is accepted in this game. For the purpose, artificial grass can be applicable to various weathers. However, both field owner and users should have some basic knowledge about how to keep synthetic turf in good condition for longer time.

1. No chewing. Chewing gun is the most difficult substance to move off. It may affect feet feeling but also damage the turf itself. No dust catcher can easily find out chewing guns.

2. No cigarette, no smoking. Although synthetic turf is passing the flammability test, it still may be damaged by fire. If this happened, the repair cost will be high.

3. No chemicals. The raw material of synthetic grass is chemical. Chemical combination will break the balancing system. Therefore, now chemical should be brought on the field.

Synthetic turfs ought to be properly maintained in order to prolong the lifespan. The whole football system consists of infill, seaming tapes, and other parts. Each component should be taken care of properly to make the largest value of the field.