How to Install Artificial Grass – A Step By Step Process1

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How to install artificial grass? This question seems to be a good one if you are planning to think about installing artificial grass in lieu of natural grass. Everybody loves to have a beautiful green lawn for their home, office complex or commercial properties. For professionals it is not a big thing as they know how to install artificial grass in the proper way. But for an ordinary house owner, this would be a haunting question considering the cost factor.

Preparation of the ground:
The first thing to do is to prepare the existing ground to fix the artificial grass. With this process your question of how to install artificial grass is being taken care off. Clean and clear any existing natural grass or vegetations in the area where the turf need to be fixed. Use some good weed killer and also grass blocker that can stop further growth of grass under the turf after the fixing is done. There are good weed cloths are available in the market which can be used for this purpose. Do this weeding and leave the place for few days and make sure that no grass is seen growing and no weeds.

After the weeding protection work is done, the ground need to be prepared by applying crushed store aggregate or decomposed granite powder. After the crushing is applied make sure to spread the surface even in shape. This can be done with sod roller. Run it as many times as possible till you feel satisfied.

Drainage system:
Before you do the crushed stone application, install proper drainage system. So water during rain will be drained out through the crushed stone aggregate surface to the drainage system and driven out. A slight slop need to provide on the surface so water during rain can be drained out easily.

Weed barrier:
After the crushed aggregate is spread and leveled use a 15-25 year weed barrier. By using landscaping staples find fix the weed barrier. After the weeding is done spread the turf where the turf is to be done.

Fix the turf:
By using standard carpet cutting knife or box knife cut the carpet as per the required size. In doing you are reading to final stage of your question how to install artificial grass! Try to fix the turf in larger portion and avoid unnecessary seaming. In case seaming is required it is recommended to use 4″-6″ carpet seaming tape or landscape staples of 6″.

Fix the turf by using 6″ galvanized nails. It is better to fix the nails 1/2 to 1″ from the edge of the turf. Fluff the grass with a power broom or rake and after that infill can be applied. The recommended quantity of infill is approximately 1KG per square foot. Do it by using drop filler or by hand and make sure the infill is done evenly. As infill normally, silica sand, crumb rubber or copper slag can be used. The infill will help remove the sharp edges of the artificial grass.

The process how to install fake lawn will be completed by using medium bristled push broom brush to work on the infill material in to the turf. Continue working till the exact result is received and the artificial grass stands upright. Brush the infill material evenly against the grain of turf to get the best result. Once the processes are over use a leaf blower and clean the debris.