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When referring to landscaping grass, UV and health are two words that said again and again within CCGrass. Let’s see what the CCGrass guys say:


Jane – CCGrass product manager and advocate of UV/Health standards:
Q:  Why do you emphasize UV and Health points of landscaping?
A: The key market demands of artificial grass for landscape purpose are: non-fading evergreen, harmless to health and environment. No matter what colour or appearance, the industry should always bear in mind these basic factors. UV & Health can effectively meet the demands and keep a consistent quality standard for artificial turf landscape.

Q:  According to your view, UV and Health are actually two important standards, so what value do you think the two standards bring to customers?
A:  These two standards are supported by a series of lab tests. For the products which can meet UV standard, customers can be sure that the colour will not fade within the product warranty. For the products which can meet Health standard, customers can be sure that the product will not bring any harm to the peoples health and environment.

Q:  Then it must be very influential to the whole industry?
A:  Yes, you know artificial grass for landscape purpose has only been remarkably developed during the latest ten years. Yet the qualification requirements to this market access are quite rare. Poor quality products have swarmed into the market more and more, which has already led to unpleasant user experiences. If this situation continues, the market will lose confidence on the artificial grass itself and will finally result in a decline of the market. So the standards will protect the market by control the quality.


With Jane’s sharing, we know UV and Health are very important standards for landscaping grass. They can not only be valuable to customers, but also a landmark to the industry. However, How the product be guaranteed to meet the two standards?


Coleen – CCGrass Test Specialist
Q:  How to conduct the whole testing process to reach UV/Health Standard?
A:  To prove our CCGrass landscape with high UV durability and safe for health, we keep working with third party testing institutes to search and find out for the best testing method and standard. For UV durability, usually UVA 3000 hours test is adopted to test artificial grass. Considering the area where sun exposure is higher, we adopted UVB 3000hour which is much fiercer than UVA radiation. Almost all the fibre has been tested to UVB 3000hour by international testing institute SGS.

CCGrass landscape can be placed around us. As a health protector, heavy metal and harmful chemical substance must be of high concern: Firstly we adopted the popular European norm REACH, RoHS.Meanwhile, suggested by SGS, we adopt EN 71-3, which is originated from toy test and strict for heavy metal test.Lead is especially concerned in some areas such as America, Australia. CCGrass landscape have also been tested by American testing institute- Trace Analysis and proved to be lead free according to California’s Pro 65, the strictest standard for lead content.


Coleen has given lots of information and details on the two standards. As we see, the two standards are tested by third-party institutes under very strict methods.


Dr. Zhao – leader of R&D department.
Q:  Say something about the two standards we did?
A:  It means a lot. Since beneficiary of products are users, good anti-UV stability can keep grass from fading and fibrillating and its health can make sure children and pets use it safely. We took the action by testing UVA/UVB with our advanced equipment before mass production and we submitted samples to world’s tests, like EN71-3, REACH, RoHS and so on. We not only speak, and we also stick to it.


Based on above information, we can believe UV and Health standards do have great value and meaningful to the whole industry.