Fake lawn is an environment-friendly solution nowadays1

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It makes sense that we need to apply healthy environment-friendly fake lawn in wide range of areas. As a leading manufacturer, CCGrass has considered clients health into consideration and takes it as the primary standard all the time. Nowadays, more home owners and sport area building leaders purchase synthetic lawn, for it is really a practical and environment-friendly choice.

Natural grass needs to be watered, mowed and pesticides to keep a good condition. However, all these can bring direct influence to environment, especially the pesticides. If you are tired about mowing and frequent maintenance to the grass or living in the area where the water is in short, you’d better consider synthetic grass. It cannot easily tell between the natural and synthetic grass at the first glance. However, artificial lawn is more healthier to us all.

About why it is more environmentally friendly if use the synthetic turf, the following part will tell you. It is often said that natural lawn are often thirsty. If you want to make your garden look good, you need to tackle the matter of water and the regular insecticide during the growing. Here is a statistic shows that the average American lawn can consume twenty to thirty thousand gallons of water per year. It can be particularly water wasteful when lawns are planted atop sandy soil, for they drain more quickly. And the water usage matter is rather acute in the moment.

Never to use pesticides is another overwhelming strength and point, good to environment. To make grass in good station, owners should frequently fertilize. The fossile fuel equals a barrel of oil goes into manufacturing six hundred pounds of such fertilizer. So, we can say that the collective lawn habit is consuming us more than ten million barrels of oil each year. Add the volume of pesticides and herbicides on our own lawn, larger figure will be.

Above of all, synthetic grass turf is our wise solution to us. If you have no idea how to choose, choose CCGrass. You can find relevant information here: https://www.artificialgrasslandscape.com/