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You can find artificial putting greens everywhere, in playgrounds, home yard area, sports fields, rooftops and other places. These are real situations that artificial grass has been widely used around the world. No matter for domestic or international market, these high-tech products bring us great benefits. For our friends – dogs, they also deserve a better turf.

Value we can find when using artificial turf:
1. Natural like grass artificial turf landscape eliminates possibility and worries of bad adaptation once you replaced it. It has nice appearance that make your yard, home more neat, green and cozy.

2. No fertilizing, mowing, watering, reseeding compared to natural grass. When eliminate these steps, our life turns to be more healthy, ease and simple. During these steps, reducing water application is the original intention why artificial grass was produced forty years ago. With the development of society, when contamination and water resource have been the worldwide topic, artificial grass is also needed not just for its convenience. That is to say, we apply artificial turf, because we need it, not just for it is good.

3. Dogs needn’t to bath as often as they play on real grass, for they have no direct contact with dirt and mud. Bathing them is also a challenge thing for us and themselves, so it is a very appreciative matter for us all.

4. Indoor areas will be cleaner. After artificial turf is installed, your dogs have less chance to track mud, grass spot, and debris into your living room. At any time, especially rain weather, this feature is rather beneficial.

5. Dogs enjoy the soft surface of china artificial grass. It is comfortable for older and rehabilitating dogs to grovel.

6. No insect and bugs when use artificial grass, then your dog will be more healthy and clean.

7. Less cost and happier dogs satisfy more owners. We can obtain this feeling as long as artificial turf is installed.

CCGrass has pet turf, which is specially designed. If you want to have one, contact us directly. We provide you with a variety of products.
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