Why Do You Choose A Fake Lawn?1

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The demand of fake lawn is expanding day by day. Based on the advantage of better producing techniques, fake lawn can bring a long-term effect and economic benefits. Initially, it was restricted to bigger sports club; however, now you can find it at indoor places of your neighbors.

What are the strengthens of artificial lawn?

1.The users can hardly find any stones or dirt in a artificial lawn.
2.The maintenance cost is almost negligible comparing to the actual grass.
3.You do not need to mow, seed, or water it. It may be costly in installation; however, it is proven to be inexpensive compared to natural lawns at a long term.
4.Once it is installed, the users seldom have to spend any money on it.
5.The fake lawn provides the similar feeling of an actual lawn and it makes you bypass the mowing and fertilizing work.

In conclusion, you can save money, water, fertilizers, and herbicides if you use artificial lawn; thus, you can get rid of hazardous threats. A fake lawn can be kept clean with wet cloth or water.

The installation of fake lawn

While installing fake lawn, you need to remove all natural grass and vegetation on the area where need to place the artificial grass. Then, the users are going to weed the field and compact the sub-base. Next, roll out the artificial grass roll and place on the sub-base according to the measurement. With a craft knife, you can trim the edges. Users can fold the trimmed verges of grass carpets of twenty to thirty centimeter and then place 20cm joint-tape under. Now, you can pour the glue on the joint tape. When the glue becomes dried naturally, the artificial grass seam can be put down and stepped over and over. It is to make certain that the edges along with the joint tape are entirely to fasten together. Then, the workers are to walk on the seaming and edges.

Finally, uses need to sprinkle the quartz sand over the field. Take a floor brush to brush cautiously. The brush can make the sand down into the base of the grass yarns, which makes the turf stand up for a long time.

The maintenance of fake lawn

The maintenance of the fake lawn is easy and simple. You do not need to mow, fertilize, watering or pesticide. It reduces the water bill and keeps a great appearance all through the year. The rainfall can be considered the best cleanser for the fake lawn. When you stay in a rain scarcity zone, a faster spray along with a water hose can remove the dust or pollen. If the area is lightly soiled, a blending of warm water along with five percent solution of mild detergent can negotiate the needs. The sponge can wipe up the spot and then the spot can be cleaned. When area is heavily soiled, it is to use the similar procedure. When you finish this, you need to clean the area with warm water.

Fake lawn is friendly and healthy to users, with many advantages and easy to maintain, more and more people like to choose it. If you want to know more details about artificial lawn, please visit our website: https://www.artificialgrasslandscape.com/.