What are synthetic turf common misconceptions?1

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It is a real situation that synthetic turf can make your surroundings healthy and beautiful. However, there are some common misconceptions about artificial grass. This is the main reason why some people don’t like artificial grass.

Misconception 1 – Artificial grass is after all synthetic

From the literal meaning, artificial and natural grass is at all different. However, this explicate can’t directly account for the reason. Replacing an artificial grass meant giving up the natural grass resource. In fact, installing artificial grass is a growing trend for green environment. You will know how important it is to conserve the natural resource, to save tons of water each day and to reduce the use and potential threat of pesticides, fertilizers.

Misconception 2 – Synthetic turf is an extravagant investment

Purchasing an artificial grass and installing it can cost you a great deal of money. However, in the long term, it is exactly the opposite. Synthetic turf is an effective cost saving method. You can benefit more than you pay. If you install real grass, try to think about mowing, watering, fertilizing everyday or regularly. Every work needs time and cost. We can say that a synthetic grass can pay itself back in less than four years.

Misconception 3 – Artificial grasses are hard to install

Home yards and sports fields are different from each other. They are not so flat to set an artificial grass. However, if you think it a different process to replace a sod lawn entirely now, you may stand at a wrong edge. Today’s lawn installers are professional and trained to install it well in different situations.

Misconception 4 – Artificial lawns are not healthy

Some person may consider artificial lawns are harmful if there is a hot weather and long time sun lighting and worry about harmful substances generated when using artificial grass. However, artificial lawns are actually healthier than natural grass. Synthetic grass has endured rigorous tests to keep it harmless to human beings. Their material and infill is absolutely safe and healthy, which is bottom line for products in the market.

Misconception 5 – Synthetic turfs are hard to clean

If you think it is hard to clean, you are wrong. Today’s synthetic turf is especially treated to be waterproof, dust proof. When there is mud, just spray water to remove. Even if you have other problems, you can contact its supplier for advice.

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