How to Find a Artificial Grass Supplier1

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“Go East, young entrepreneur!” This advice is still highly regarded in today’s market. China manufacturers have relative competitive cost but the same craftsmanship and technology compared with overseas manufacturers. However, it’s really a challenging job to find a good synthetic grass manufacturer among the numerous?

1. Get a rough list of potential suppliers?
– Internet Search
Search suppliers via search engines-Google and B2B platforms will be the cost-effective and quickest way. Google will show suppliers in rank and the upper rank website will be preference.

-Know from others’ recommendation
It’s better to get supplier information from someone in your place. The information will be trustable and valuable compared to the online information.

-Trade shows
Trade show is a good opportunity for suppliers finding buyers and for buyer finding supplier. Therefore, grasp the chance, and ask for as much information as you can think of. By the way, you can check their products at the trade show, which will help you evaluate a supplier.

2. Verify Suppliers
When you have got a list of potential suppliers, then it’s time to do supplier verification and make decision. Usually you should solve below confusions:

  • Are they reliable and financially secure ?
  • How long have they been established and the factory location?
  • Do you know anyone who has used and can recommend them?
  • Are they on any approved supplier lists from trade associations or government?
  • What other services can they offer?
  • What kind of payment they accept?

You’d better arrange a visit to the relevant local government agency to check the company’s registration. You can have a factory tour to check its production capability, certificates, and communication and technology skills to see if can meet your expectations in terms of quality, quantity, and delivery times. After all these steps, you will have a preferable supplier.

3. Trial order
After selecting out the one supplier you want to cooperate, make a trial order. It will be the final verification of the information got before. Meanwhile, through the trial order, you will be clear about the ways they do and will know how to deal with order frequently in future.