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CCGrass provides you with nice appearance turf and considerate service. Its products suit your modern lifestyle. When it turns to pet turf, making a comfortable life for your pet is our goal and what we do is only to choose the right pet turf.

As its name hints, pet turf is a china artificial grass especially for pets. Its design and size are different from common turf. You can put it everywhere, such as your home yard, kennels or veterinary clinics. Please read on to know its features and functions.

Pet turf is very similar to natural grass. Your pets will be attracted to do their own business, without recognizing your grass is artificial. It is olive green with polyethylene yarns and monofilament blend of field. Consider the special use, pet synthetic turf is tufted to a 1-inch pile, which facilitated drainage function. All of the pet turfs and other artificial turfs from CCGrass use UV-stabilized fibers, keeping the color hard to fade. In addition, the turfs are 100% percent recycling, lead-free, anti-acid as well as insect and flame-resistant. And even if there is solid water, stains, muddy paw prints, you can remove them easily. Thanks for unique formula and urethane-coated backing, exquisite tufting craft, CCGrass synthetic turf grass has superior strength, wear resistance functions.

For minimal bounce or mess purpose, CCGrass pet turf and artificial grass commercial is filled with special ingredient, which is dense and heavy. Unlike rubber or silica, the granules are playing a great role in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Our infill system is significant, non-toxic and also eco-friendly, a great choice for all.

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