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Choosing artificial grass suppliers for your city-owned areas is a way you can cut costs in your budget over time. If you compare the upkeep costs between artificial and natural grass, natural is five times more expensive to maintain. Switching to synthetics can result in a huge sum of money that can be allocated for more important things.

For city officials who are devoted to create an attractive city artificial turf landscape with good control of financial revenue, they can always have their needs met at CCGrass. CCGrass artificial grass provides endless possibilities for road sides, public squares, parks, building rooftop, industrial zone as well as airport… CCGrass creates an ever-green cityscape while reducing the financial and environmental burdens caused by the maintenance of natural grass.

Synthetic grass is useful in hard-to-reach areas like road medians and roofs, where setting up sprinklers or sending a gardener with a hose is neither reasonable nor cost effective. In hot, dry climates where every drop of water is sacred, your city can enjoy green, healthy grass for the fraction of the price.

Our researchers have even developed different kinds of grass to match the look and texture of the natural grass in your locale. This way you won’t have that cheap, “putting course” effect that you would want to avoid for a public city space. Check out the following benefits and applications for choosing an artificial turf landscape for your city:


  • Saving financial revenue
  • Saving valuable water resources
  • Safe to the environment
  • Low maintenance: labors requested for maintaining artificial turf landscape is just 1/5 of that for natural grass.



  • Road sides or road median
  • High way
  • Building roof
  • Public square
  • Parks
  • Industrial zone
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