Is it costly?

The first question that pops up in the mind will be how much the artificial grass cost. Well, it’s cheaper compared with what you can get. The cost depends on the size of the turf you want and the certain product you choose.


How to install?

The installing work may be different according to the construction size and requirement. Generally, it can be done within a few hours. It is easy to DIY. For details, reach



Are there any points that should be given more concern?

Two points. First is the health problems found at bad artificial grass. For cheap artificial grass, you should quite critical about the chemical substances for which will bring harm to family members. Our landscaping is proved without detectable trace of lead or any other hazardous elements. Second is the anti-UV stability which will affect the lifespan and condition of turf.


Is there any warranty?

We offer at least 5 years warranty for our products. The warranty differs for various products.


Is it warmer than natural grass?

Yes. Because of the PE material attribute, the grass can be usually 5-10 degrees warmer than natural grass on a hot day.


Is the grass child and pet-friendly?

Yes. The artificial grass is designed with closet appearance to natural grass. Child and pets will enjoy playing on it. Since it contains no chemicals, it will be very safe for children to touch. Pets’ urine and waste will be easy to handle in artificial turf.


What little maintenance is required?

Usually the rain will help clean your lawn, but it is recommended to regularly remove leaves on turf either use a blower, a light rake or brush. You can use soapy water solution to remove dog mess.


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