About CCGrass

Largest and Well Managed
Synthetic Turf Factory

CCGrass is the largest manufacturer of synthetic turf in the world, dedicating to providing the best turf for both athletic and landscape purposes. We own three well-managed manufacturing bases in China and Vietnam. Our factory complies with ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and has passed various kinds of strict factory audits such as BSCI, WFSGI, ICS, SEDEX etc.

We are a pioneer in the synthetic turf industry. What sets us apart from the crowd is that we manufacture a complete range of applications for residential, commercial, DIY, pets, golf, city landscape and many more purposes. We serve our global customers with high quality synthetic turf, prompt delivery and better services.

Our synthetic turf products have been installed in more than 120 countries globally and are widely accepted by millions of families around the world, ensuring warm-hearted family moments for generations.

  • 20 years manufacturing experience
  • Factory area 800,000m2
  • Annual capacity over 90,000,000m2
  • Employees over 4000 globally
  • Sell to over 120 countries
  • Preferred Producers awarded by FIFA, FIH and World Rugby

Innovation for Better

CCGrass keeps on innovation in both manufacturing and products. We are always seeking to create and improve more durable, safer and more natural synthetic turf products. Our R&D team continues to expand and develop the application ranges and functions of synthetic turfs to meet different needs. For example, our UV-protected grass is suitable for stronger sunlight areas for longer lifespan, our anti-bacterial grass is designed for playgrounds to give children a safer space, and our 100% recyclable grass provides new options for environmental sustainability.

We believe that innovation is the source of our development and leadership, and also the reason why you choose us. Be with us, enjoy the green and beauty.

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  • 20 Years’ Continuous R&D

  • Extra Quality Guarantee

    Longer Service Life
    Stronger UV Defense
    Higher Safety Standards

  • Recyclable X Product Series

    100% Recyclable

  • More Value-added Functions

    • Antibacterial Grass
    • Antistatic Grass
    • Grass Cool
    • Flame Retardant Grass
  • Design for Different Weather Conditions

    Extremely Hot Area
    Dry Area
    Rainy Area

  • Keep Exploring New Applications

Leisure System

Straight fiber

Diverse shapes and colors monofilaments designed according to the profiles of natural grass in different areas all across the world.

Curled fiber

Uniquely designed curling fibers to best imitate the vegetation growth in nature, which contributes to a soft and resilient surface and support the straight fiber.


Multilayer backing structure to exaggerate dimensional stability, easy installation and convenient maintenance.


CCGrass has an ongoing commitment to quality control. From raw material selection to the entire production process, we pursue the excellence of each detail. We make sure that our synthetic turf products are tested thoroughly and carried out under strict supervisions of more than 150 QC personnel within each factory.

For the synthetic turf for landscaping purposes, its key quality lies in the lifespan and safety. CCGrass chooses the best quality raw material with strong UV stability to make sure our lawns keep fresh & green over years.

In addition, to avoid health threats during contact, our lawns are also proved to contain no lead, no heavy metals or any other harmful chemicals according to the highest safety standards, such as DIN, REACH, RoHS. Just enjoy your green and beauty on CCGrass lawns.

quality check for every step


CCGrass is awarded as Preferred Producers by FIFA, FIH and World Rugby, supporting our landscape grass with the strongest technology from sports grass.

We cooperate with authoritative laboratories to ensure that our synthetic turf has passed the most stringent tests and is durable and safe. Compared with those without any qualifications, our turfs are of higher quality and more secure to protect your family.

CCGrass certification