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CCGrass professionally distributes quality synthetic turf at international scopes. All over the world this manufacturer, designer and innovator provides worldwide installations in more than 72 countries. CCGrass owns the biggest artificial grass factory in the world and over the past decade, the total sales volume has reached 40,000,000 sqm, ranking No.1 in global market. Artificial grass is a surface made of synthetic fibers of Polyethylene or Polypropylene, to look and feel like natural grass.

Dedicated Research Team

Did you know we have our own dedicated independent research team to develop the best artificial grass? CCGrass has the technology to make your artificial grass not only look like natural grass, but our team of researchers can make the grass look the natural grass that grows in your region. Not all grass looks the same, and choosing CCGrass will make your lawn blend in with the rest. With strong R&D ability, CCGrass has become one of the first designers and manufacturers for artificial turf landscape. CCGrass also focuses on durability and safety that really matter and users care about most.

Where Can You Use CCGrass?

Our synthetic turf grass has been applied in sports facilities, artificial turf residential, city landscaping, playground coverings and much, much more. Our grass can be delivered wholesale for orders requiring large coverage or in small quantities to individual home owners. CCGrass is durable, hygienic and safe, passing the UV radiation tests for fading and head injury tests as a playground covering. In sports fields sector, CCGrass has achieved great success providing top level artificial grass with premium ball performance and best playing experience. CCGrass is one of the “FIFA Quality Concept for football turf” licensees, which is the highest standard of football field in the world, and have got around 30 FIFA certified fields located worldwide.

Benefits of Using CCGrass

  • Saving water. You may save 550 gallons of water per year per square meter.
  • Low maintenance: no mowing, no watering, no fertilizing.
  • All year round green: aesthetically pleasing to the eye no matter what time of year.
  • Amazing durability: Up to 10 years of service life
  • UV and UVB radiation resistant to prevent fading
  • Microbial resistant infills allow dog waste to wash right through.
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