For Pets

If you have a pet, artificial turf grass for dogs is a must-have. All dog lovers may want to seek a balance between the clean environment and the mess caused by pets. Dog urine is notorious for leaving dead, brown patches in natural grass lawns because their PH levels are too extreme for natural grass to handle. When it rains, you are probably familiar with the muddy spots that these brown patches leave, allowing your dog to track mud throughout your house.

All of these problems can be resolved by simply installing artificial turf grass. You may be wondering why would choose something so stationary to use with your pets, and you may be worried that the odor of your pet’s waste would accumulate over time. However, our pet turf from CCGrass is specifically designed to deal with issues caused by pets, giving you the best artificial turf grass options for your home.

CCGrass has a team of independent researchers who dedicate their careers to studying what materials and methods give you the best results. The odor left by animal waste is no longer that hard to clean because now you simply just wash away draining right through the surface. The material is tough, durable and non-toxic, so if your dog has a taste for grass, you don’t have to be concerned about him getting sick. Your choices can range anywhere from artificial putting greens material, all the way to a quality that looks and feels so real, your neighbors won’t be able to tell the difference.


  • With antibacterial elements
  • Urine drains easily, free from odor
  • No mud and keep your dog clean


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